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  • Diameter open:
    99cm / 39inches
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Knirps® X1 Umbrella - Night

Knirps® X1 Umbrella - Night
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Knirps® Floyd - White

 Folded Knirps Floyd Umbrella - White
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Value – durability, reliability, longevity
100% UV Protection
Tested to the extremes up to 72 mph
Responsible Manufacturing
Unique prints and fresh colors


Newspapers for Knirps Umbrella
What they say
"The General Motors of the umbrella business"
"An umbrella that survives 100mph winds?What a brolly good idea!"
"Always on the lookout for a better travel umbrella, we were charmed by the new Knirps Floyd Duomatic"
"Not shy about standing out in a crowd, the floyd umbrella comes in fresh, bold colors and icludes a matching cover"
"a Knirps brolle - "it will last for 40 years"
"This Knirps X1 telescopic umbrella claims to be the tiniest in the word, so and will fit into the "
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Five umbrellas protect very well against UV rays  Many umbrellas provide insufficient protection against UV rays: This shows a laboratory test of the health tip. Cool head despite summer heat: A good sunshade makes it possible. But many products do not protect enough from the harmful UV rays. This is shown by a test: the health tip sent twelve umbrellas from ten different suppliers to the laboratory (see below "How it was tested"). The result: Less than half of the tested screens provide good UV protection. The models from Coop, Manor, Obi and the beige cotton shade from TopTip even received the final grade "poor" (see table in the pdf article). Ruth Barbezat, the cancer league's prevention specialist, explains: "A good beach umbrella must have at least a protection factor of 20." But the umbrellas from Obi and Manor only have protection factor 2 according to the test. Screens with polyester fabric usually better protect against UV rays than those made of cotton. Only a cotton shade cut off with "very good" - the dark blue shade of TopTip. The comparison between him and his beige brother shows clearly: dark fabrics hold more UV rays than light covers. Manufacturers tested umbrellas only when new In addition, the parasol test failed: For many umbrellas, the protection factor is incorrectly declared. For example, on the label of "Derby Siena" (Coop), the test according to the Australian standard gave the protection factor 15 to 24. But the laboratory test of the health tip shows: The screen hardly protects against UV rays - its protection factor is only 10. A Coop spokeswoman says the declared protection factor of "Derby Siena" goes back to a laboratory test, in which not the apple green version sold by Coop was tested, but a similar shade in the color ecru. Nevertheless, Coop says: "We believe that the declared protection factor is meaningful and the sunshade is of impeccable quality." Ikea suspects that the difference between the declared protection factor and the poor test result in the "Ramsö" lies in the different test methods: the manufacturer had not tested the shield according to the standard 801, but only when new. Jumbo says the protection factor is not declared on his cotton umbrella because he is "basically a cooling shade donor". Twenty years ago, one brand used UV protection to stand out from the market: The brand Knirps umbrellas from...

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