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Knirps® compact umbrellas - a healthy weapon against UV Rays in Singapore

Shipping within South East Asia

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Knirps Umbrella South East Asia is shipping to Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia for free! Knirps South East Asia has partnered up with DHL Express to ship our wonderful umbrellas within 1-2 working days to all destinations in Thailand , Hong Kong and Indonesia. We deliver any of our umbrellas, folding umbrellas, stick umbrellas or our special travel umbrellas swell as the xi series within one to two working days. Even at the heavy Bangkok traffic or the crowded streets of Hong Kong, our experts from DHL will do everything to deliver our unique german premium umbrellas on time. Not...

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Knirps - The legend of the high-end quality umbrella company

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Knirps® - The legend of the high-end foldable umbrella - engineered in Germany It is well-known that the leading brand sets trends that others in the market seek to follow. Knirps is such a leader, with its guaranteed quality, precision, and innovation making it known throughout the world as the standard for pocket umbrellas. Just as it did 80 years ago, the inventor of the pocket umbrella today still supplies the top products in the umbrella marketplace.
Under the premise "Knirps®. The Original", we have selected the highest quality umbrellas, some of which are made exclusively for us in Austria. In addition,...

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