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Sun? Yes! But not to much and with the best protection.

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Protection against UV rays with Knirps 

Oh, how do the first warm sunbeams do well - they wake the body out of hibernation and flood it with happiness in anticipation of the approaching summer. But where there is sun, there is also shadow: exposing oneself to sunlight unprotected is grossly negligent. Finally, in addition to light and heat, the sun also sends dangerous UVA and UVB rays to the earth. UVA rays are primarily responsible for premature skin aging, UVB for sunburn and, in the worst case, for skin cancer. An adequate sunscreen is therefore essential. Important: find the right sun protection factor (short LSF) for his personal skin type. The SPF indicates how much longer the skin with the applied sunscreen can be exposed to the sun without getting sunburned than without using the sunscreen. In general, the higher the SPF the better and the longer the effect.

The most important sun protection tips: Slowly get used to the sun (stay in the shade for now)

Protect your skin with the right clothes (the denser the fabric, the better the protection) 

Do not forget the headgear (proven and chic is the straw hat)

Protect your eyes (only wear sunglasses with UV protection) Use sunscreen suitable for your skin type (do not forget "inconspicuous" body parts such as back of your foot or neck)

 Avoid the midday sun between 11am and 3pm (UV radiation is strongest here) Cream regularly (especially after swimming)

 Help your skin to regenerate (it is best to lubricate with moisturizing lotion after sunbathing)

Yes, even (high quality) umbrellas offer UV protection In addition to sunscreen, sunglasses and Co. on the one hand the parasol is an indispensable utensil in summer, be it at home on the balcony or on the beach. High-quality parasols, such as those from the House of Knirps, not only offer pleasant shade, but with an SPF 80 also effective protection against UV radiation. Furthermore, there are also special umbrellas in the house Knirps, which are provided with a UV protection. A special coating repels 95% of the sun's rays and the umbrella is your best companion on hot days.

Choose from the product range of Knirps your personal UV protector: www.knirps.com.sg

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