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How to store your umbrella

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How to store your umbrella during winter time The TravellerRenowned fashion designer with a flair for the simplistic and unique style. EVERY beautiful autumn is coming to an end sometime. Then it's time to winterize the balcony. Because as soon as the cold wind whistles around the ears, you can see the so often used in the summer "little piece of outdoor" mostly only from inside. So that the sight, which offers itself thereby, does not the blush in the face drives - who does not know them, the half empty flower pots and the unpleasantly placed in the corner...

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Best Umbrella brands for UV protection

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Five umbrellas protect very well against UV rays  Many umbrellas provide insufficient protection against UV rays: This shows a laboratory test of the health tip. Cool head despite summer heat: A good sunshade makes it possible. But many products do not protect enough from the harmful UV rays. This is shown by a test: the health tip sent twelve umbrellas from ten different suppliers to the laboratory (see below "How it was tested"). The result: Less than half of the tested screens provide good UV protection. The models from Coop, Manor, Obi and the beige cotton shade from TopTip even...

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Knirps Umbrella

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Knirps Umbrella

A war injury made it difficult for Hans Haupt to carry both a walking stick and an umbrella, so he set about creating a solution. The result? The first umbrella with a telescopic frame.

It fit neatly in his pocket, and was always available when it rained! Being so small, it was natural that he referred to it as his tiny 'tot' - a young child - and that is where the brand name Knirps comes from, as ‘knirps’ means ‘tot’ in German.

In 1928, a company called Bremshey & Co could see the potential for such a product and helped produce the first varieties of this innovative pocket umbrella. It was the beginning of a new era, and many different sizes, shapes and colors were developed.

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