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How to store your umbrella

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How to store your umbrella during winter time

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EVERY beautiful autumn is coming to an end sometime. Then it's time to winterize the balcony. Because as soon as the cold wind whistles around the ears, you can see the so often used in the summer "little piece of outdoor" mostly only from inside. So that the sight, which offers itself thereby, does not the blush in the face drives - who does not know them, the half empty flower pots and the unpleasantly placed in the corner terrace furniture - it is good to bring the balcony before the winter again on front man. So the furniture is spared and the well-wintered plants prepare again next year joy. We'll tell you how to properly care for your Knirps parasol: Where to go with the parasol? Many balcony lovers ask themselves the question of how to make their shady beach umbrella the most effective winter festival - after all, it should also be able to perform well in the next season. Here are four valuable tips on how to winter your parasol:    

1. Clean the parasol Over the summer, a lot of dirt accumulates on the canopy, be it leaves, pollen or insect excrement. Therefore it makes sense to clean the parasol before wintering. It is usually sufficient to brush out the canopy with a soft brush. Anyone who works here thoroughly will be spared unpleasant (patch) surprises next spring and can look forward to an almost new screen.   

2. Allow to dry completely Just before wintering, the umbrella should once again soak up the sun to completely dry. Because even small amounts of moisture in the fabric are enough to increase the risk of mold. Because of the slightly wet spots, the mold spores have an ideal breeding ground to spread out. If the storage space is then also relatively warm, the mold on the screen is as good as pre-programmed. In addition, the moisture can cause unsightly foxing, so let the shade dry thoroughly.   

3. Correct winding up of the screen fabric Finally, if it comes to stowing the screen, so in any case should be taken to ensure that the fabric is wound up correctly. This creates a good basis for avoiding clamping and scuffing damage.   4. The suitable protective cover Finally, the parasol should be stowed in a suitable protective cover. It protects it from dirt, moisture and other external influences that could clog the clothing during the winter months. When buying the case, make sure that it is weather resistant, durable, washable and UV stabilized, as well as allowing air to circulate inside, reducing the formation of condensation.   These four simple steps set the course for a successful winter of your sunshade and a fresh start to the upcoming spring season is no more obstacles.

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