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The most compact travel umbrella on the market

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This is one of the most bought travel umbrellas in the market

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Knirps Travel Umbrella- Navy

Umbrella, a very useful thing in our everyday life. It gives us protection from the scorching sun, heavy rainfall or stormy wind. This folding canopy is used by everyone from the ancient period of time. The modern design of the umbrella is made by using a circular fabric or plastic screen stretched over the hinged ribs through a centralized pole. The rib actually helps for opening and closing the umbrella. It is a portablehandheld device which and also essential whenever we want to go out and most of the time it is used during rain. 

The umbrellashould be enough strong and sturdy as it is highly used in the purposeof protection and this protection is much needed during the hostile weather condition. Though, there is no surety when the weather changes but here in Singapore, September to February is the wet season. According to that, it is the wettest month, December. So, you mostly cannot think a day out without taking your umbrella.

To get better coverage from an umbrella, it has to ensure the best quality and to find the best quality umbrellas you can rely on KnirpsUmbrellaSingapore. We have a huge collection of great quality umbrellas. If you are looking for the best one, then we would suggest you this Knirps Travel Umbrella- Navy. This one is prepared to protect you from rough weather and fights with the unpleasant weather condition. It holds up strong even against the flurry winds. Get maximum coverage from the stormwith this travel umbrella.

Knirps Travel umbrella Black

Why Knirps?

Knirps is a well-known umbrella production company. It is the iconic German company as it has invented the folding umbrella and now they are re-inventing it with the trending fashion prints, fresh colors, innovative engineering, andunsurpassed quality. From this perspective, if you are thinking about making a purchase of an umbrella, we must suggest you this Knirps Travel Umbrella as the best umbrellayou can find in Singapore. Why? Because, it is highly known for its quality, durability, andengineering.


Before knowing about the product itself, it is important to know about the manufacture of umbrellas. This will help you to decide why it is the best umbrella brand. Products from Knirpsare different because of the design which makes it different from other others. The umbrellas are conceived, designed and engineered in Germany which guarantees its quality, safety, andinnovation. We make umbrellaswith our in-house engineering, research, anddesign facilities. Our target is to construct excellent products even better than that. 

Knirps umbrella isbuilt to be used in the wettest of weathers with its longlasting feature. High-qualitymaterials are used to ensure the best quality product with the highestcoverage. We also keep control over the quality and put attention to detail. This is also the part of the way how the firm conducts business. At last, after the construction of the product, we put the umbrella through a rigorous testing in wind tunnels and anti-corrosion laboratory just to ensure its longevity and durability.

Knirps Travel Umbrella- Navy

For longer lasting capability, Knirps Travel Umbrella- Navy can be your best companion. It comes with the pocket-sized format which is a great advantage. You can keep it in the bagwhen you do not need to use it. This pocket-sizehandy format will easily take a little space in your handbag. It is lighter in weight so will not make you feel heavy when you carry it with you. These are the practical definition of being Travel Umbrella. 

It is appealing to anyone who never likes to be caught unexpectedly in a sudden downpour. The fast drying formula of the foldable umbrella makes it more useful. Knirps travel umbrella is storm resistant. So it will keep the heads up when the wind blows everything away. Just keep this in your bag when it is dry and you are ready to use it in heavy rain. 

It is also perfect for using while it is a bright sunny day because it is a UV umbrella. The fabric has UV protection which gives you protection from harmful rays of the sun.  Knirps travel umbrella is the perfect companion for every occasion. It fits perfectly in any briefcase, suitcase, backpack or even in the coat pocket.


Knirps Travel Umbrella- Navy has some amazing features which are very much needed to have in anumbrella. The features include:

·     Compact, small and sturdy travel size umbrella

·     Faster drying fabric

·     8mm fiberglass rim

·     Fast drying fabric

·     Storm resistant

·     120km/h wind tunnel tested

·     68 point checked

·     2 years of global warranty


When you purchase this Knirps Travel Umbrella- Navyyou will eventually get some advantages like:

- Barely bigger than a Smartphone

- Transforms into a generous and sturdy canopy

- Simple and effortless open and close

-  Lighter in weight 

- UV protection umbrella

Overall, if you are finding a lightweight and folding travel size umbrella, then you cannot have a betteroption than  Knirps Travel Umbrella. This comes with all of the features which you may be looking into a travel umbrella. The umbrella is also ensuring high quality and durability in a foldable size and feature. So, you must give this a try and embrace all the goodness of this  best umbrella

Knirps offers a complete range of models in  umbrellas.From handy compacts to the over-sized canopies, they ensure all of this multiple optionsfor you. Also,find reliableprotection against the rain and sun rays atthe best affordable price. We want to assure you togive it a try because once you experience this premium quality umbrella from Knirps, you will never switch to other brands. The possibility is high that you may change your outlook on rainy days too. So, do not think much and go from this The Travel umbrellaKnirps Travel UmbrellaI am sure, you will not regret.

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