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The Knirps X1 - the most iconic umbrella with UV Protection

Posted by Jacqueline Huang on

The Knirps X1 Folding Umbrella with UV Protection

The original KNIRPS Supermini X1 is the smallest mini from the house of KNIRPS. It has an innovative design, is super light, small and practically packaged in a sturdy zippered case, which can also be worn comfortably on the belt. This mini umbrella is very stable and has a simple folding construction that is easy to handle and safe to use. The rods fold themselves by opening and closing by a scissors system by itself in the correct position. The cover is made of high-quality microfiber - so the screen dries quickly and also offers up to 95% UV protection. The handle is made of a special soft-grip material and feels comfortable in the hand. Herewith you buy a popular and proven quality product. Try it out and have a look at the official Knirps shop