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A Legacy of Precision German Engineering

A Knirps umbrella’s inherent mechanical soundness insures that all its components perform together with matchless strength and efficiency.
There are some minor variations among the different Knirps models, but most share the following signature characteristics:

Solid Shafts:

Made from super-strong steel or high-grade aluminum, lined with zinc for additional strength and flexibility

Interlocking 10-sided tubes minimize loose rotation

Tiny copper rings prevent component parts from grinding together, thereby insuring years of smooth, reliable operation

Resilient Canopy Fabrics:

Repels water with unique flat-weave polyester

Dries almost instantly

No more soggy umbrellas in the corner

Secure Handles:

Ergonomically comfortable

No-slip grip provides secure hold when wet

Riveted tightly to the shaft for maximum stability and control.

Flexible Ribs:

Flex with the wind from any direction

Can even flip completely inside out and back again - good as new!