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Quality is not an accident

It’s not just top athletes and car manufacturers that benefit from the insights obtained from wind tunnel tests, but starting now, so can you, our customer.

We’ve tested our products from top to bottom, or better yet, from their thread to their fabric, so that we can constantly improve our products. We develop our products using innovative methods and attach great importance to optimizing existing methods.

We want our products to meet the highest quality standards and hope that this benefits you, our customer. There is nothing we want less than to leave you in the cold. Made up of high-quality materials such as carbon, fiberglass and aluminum, our products can stand our wind tests, as you can see in the videos of tests we conducted. See for yourself the high quality our products offer – it’s worth it!

Knirps umbrellas are conceived, designed and engineered in Germany, and that on its own is a guarantee of quality, safety and innovation. With in-house engineering, research and design facilities, they are always looking to make their excellent products even better. 

All Knirps umbrellas are protected against UV with one of the highest standards in the industry.

Design awards

The best awards we get are from our customers.

When we first started designing and making umbrellas back in 1928, design awards didn't exist! In those days, the highest honor we could get was from our customers, and fortunately we got lots of those. The fact is we have been producing umbrellas for more than 80 years and we're proud of the millions of happy and satisfied customers who have given us their 'appreciation award' by purchasing our products.

From 2003 onwards, we started entering design competitions and have won on several occasions. The Knirps X1 for example, based on a modular and flexible design system, has won several awards and became our best selling umbrella ever.