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Knirps® Big Duomatic Black

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The Knirps Big Duomatic is the big brother of all umbrellas. The open/close automatic can be easily handled and with its generous canopy it offers protection for two. The combination of an intelligent material mix of aluminum, fiberglass and steel components guarantees stability and sturdiness. When not in use, the umbrella can be stored in the color matching zip case.



  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Zipper case
  • Very big canopy
  • 8 ribs


Technical details

    • Rounded and enlarged tips minimize the threat of injury
    • Sure-grip runner for easier handling
      (simple and secure opening and closing)
    • Uses a tube ring to stabilize the shaft
    • Material of umbrella: 100% polyester
  • MechanismDuomatic
  • Diameter115cm 
  • Length39cm
  • Weight603g
  • Ribs8
  • SizeExtra Large
  • UV Protection100%



With its extra-large canopy, the Big Duomatic is an umbrella roomy enough for two. 

Essential Information:
  • Rounded and enlarged tips – a Knirps feature – minimizes the threat of eye injuries to passersby. 
  • Sure-grip runner for easier handling. 
  • Uses a tube ring to stabilize the shaft.


  • Solid Shafts:

    • Made from super-strong german steel or high-grade aluminum, lined with zinc for additional strength and flexibility
    • Interlocking 10-sided tubes minimize loose rotation
    • Tiny copper rings prevent component parts from grinding together, thereby insuring years of smooth, reliable operation

    Secure Handles:

    • Ergonomically comfortable
    • No-slip grip provides secure hold when wet
    • Riveted tightly to the shaft for maximum stability and control.

    Resilient Canopy Fabrics:

    • Repels water with unique flat-weave polyester
    • Dries almost instantly
    • No more soggy umbrellas in the corne
    • 100% UV Absorption – the best weapon against heavy sun!

    Flexible Ribs:

    • Flex with the wind from any direction
    • Can even flip completely inside out and back again - good as new!

Customer Reviews

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Knirps Big Duomatic

This umbrella is definitely big enough for one person and able to cover 2 though not fully. Quality is great, but as I have not used it under very heavy rain yet, I can't comment if the umbrella would leak water under heavy rain. It's automatic open and close mechanism works great!

Biggest foldable umbrella

this is the biggest foldable umbrella I ever bought - very nice quality - the german knirps umbrella has really good quality lah